Maui "Chosen" Ministry 2022

Maui, HI, October 14-16, 2022 – First and foremost, thank You Lord for choosing us to facilitate these events enabling us to co-labor with IEC (Island Embassy Church) of Washington State and the Chosen Maui Ohana Fellowship. Thank You Lord, we praise You because without You, none of this would be possible.

Over the weekend, these three ministry groups teamed up on a joint-outreach ministry endeavor reaching out to islanders on Maui, Hawaii.  The event ran from September 15th thru September 18th, 2022.  About 200 participants attended, some of them came from Big Island, Kawaii and Oahu.

The most rewarding moment in doing ministry for the Lord is the experience of seeing lost souls being saved.  Many came forward to either dedicate or rededicate their lives to our Lord Jesus.  Such an amazing and joyful scenery to have witnessed and be part of. 

Thank you Maui Ohana IEC!  All Glory and Honor to our heavenly Father who continues to do amazing works among our island people and beyond!  

In addition, The MOMUSA Family would like to extend our sincere and heart-felt gratitude to Mrs. Kathy Rogol for her outstanding leadership role, along with her leadership team that supported her: the amazing and vibrant worship team, the tireless cooks that fed us throughout the event. 

Thank you Daven Gamaney, our tour guide and outstanding driver.  We enjoyed the breathtaking views and tour up the Haleakala Mountain (altitude 10,013 ft).  

Thank you Mr. “Handy-man,” Robert Riglos who seemed to be always there when there is a need to set up, install, or repair something.  

Thank you to all of those who worked in the background, the Yapese & fellow Micronesian Communities in Maui who all had a hand in serving the Lord! 

Last but not least, thank you to Pastor Lawrence Yinolang and the WA IEC church family for the opportunity to served along.  We look forward to more opportunities whenever the Lord permits.

Stay Blessed!