Summer Ministry Games, 2010

It was the tournament of all tournaments and once again we found ourselves on the beautiful campus of the Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) in San Diego for the Summer Games Ministry. This year we had over ten participating Men�s basketball team as well as several Women�s volleyball teams. From the chilly parks of Rigo, Washington to the jungles of Mangilao, Guam; from the gilded gyms of Salem, Oregon to the sunny slopes of Honolulu, Hawaii, they came showcasing their skills and talents vying for the coveted championship gold.

This year was unique, as all years turned out to be. Most teams displayed good competitive spirits and better sportsmanship mixed with the camaraderie spirit befitting islanders. In the end 808 of Hawaii came away first place in the Men�s basketball tournament, followed closely by the Apwete team of Oregon for second. And Pwan Ew (And1) also from Oregon stole third place from Suva and his gang from Washington who came in fourth.

The Pwan Ew (And1) girls took first place in the volleyball tournament for the second straight year. They were followed closely by our very own San Diego G-Kumi team for second place. And Arizona came in third.

This year we were blessed to be graced by the presence of PIU students. Hailing all the way from Guam, they came singing, cheering and preaching to us with inspiring medleys and skits. We look forward to seeing them again in the future.

This year�s theme was �Living out God�s Purpose.� And this year, one of the most unique things that happened was that the younger generation stepped up and took the initiative to share God�s Word. Friday morning prior to the opening ceremony, Mr. Happiness Lodge, himself an alumni of PIU and a current student of The Master�s Seminary in Sun Valley, California, shared on the topic �What is God�s purpose for our Lives?� His text came from that familiar passage in Romans 8:28-29. Mr. Lodge gave a very basic thesis for the topic from that passage: God�s purpose for every Christian is that we follow in the likeness of God�s Son, Jesus Christ.

On Saturday night, the message came from island-reggae Christian artist and current worship leader of MOMUSA-San Diego, Mr. Gary Suka who spoke on the topic: �Choices that affects God�s purpose for me.� Blasting his way into the hearts of his audience, Gary said, �Today the church can be a place where the wrong choices are made.� His message serves as a warning that wrong doctrines and misconceptions that are plaguing the church can endanger people�s spiritual growth. The passage in Matthew 7 was his text.

Then on Sunday, during the service our very own Sato Suka gave a compelling sharing on �Yielding to God�s purpose for my Life.� His sharing, peppered with pastoral care and fatherly concerns, was an invitation for all to listen and submit everything over to God.

The Summer Games Ministry is a special event where people compete and challenge each other. It is an event where lives can be touched and be changed. This year was no exception. Therefore, MOMUSA wants to convey words of thanks to our heavenly Father for the successful event and to everybody, who came, for their support and their time. We hope to you see you again next year!

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