Summer Games

Island Bang vs. Four Star

Island Bang team Kosrae from Hawaii and Four Star Mainland went head to head in the final championship game. Island Bang claimed the 2016 First Championship with a three point lead in overtime. RMI SD619 came in third place.

In the women volleyball competition, Unity team Texas defeated MOMUSA GKUMI in the final championship game. Arizona Lady Zion came in third place.

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Upcoming Events


Summer Ministry Games - 2017

The Annual Summer Ministry Games for 2017 has been scheduled for Jun 30th thru July 2nd in San Diego, California. There will be competitions in men's basketball and women's volleyball games. We are excited and looking forward to see you again this year. For more info and team registration, email us to sports@momusa.org or call (619)537-9236.


Event Recaps

Community Service

Community Service at the Ronald McDonald Housing

The MOMUSA Family joined up with the Highpoint Church serving meals at the Ronald McDonald Housing on January 23, 2016, San Diego, California.

Event Photos


Highpoint Sign

Restoring Fallen Church Sign

The church sign which had been laying flat on the ground for several months had finally been erected and restored. The two wooden posts from each end that supported the heavy sign got rotten and apparently a strong wind knocked the sign down. Thanks to Karl and Suva who joined up with a few guys from the morning service for restoring the sign. Job well done guys!

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