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Welcome to the home of the MOMUSA family of Southern California. We hope that your experience with us would be educational and a blessed one.

MOMUSA is an abbreviation for “Micronesian Outreach Ministry USA.” Back in the late 80's, in the city of Linda Vista in San Diego, California, a few young Micronesian students and their families began a home base fellowship. Soon, this small home base fellowship expanded to the city of Pasadena where one of the key leaders of this group resided. To make a long story short, as the fellowship grew in size, a name was necessary and therefore "MOMUSA" or the Micronesian Outreach Ministry USA was born.

We are a family of believers sharing the same desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Micronesians living in the United States. We believe and accept the knowledge that our way back to God relies solely on a genuine relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, by God’s loving grace, and not by man’s work. We believe that we have been called to reaching Micronesians in the United States in a God-honoring and loving way so that they too may know Him and commit their lives to Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

Recently, MOMUSA has become a member of the San Diego Southern Baptist Association family as well as the California Southern Baptist Convention.

We have been blessed and thankful for all that the Lord has done among our people. As the Micronesian Communities increase, so as the need to reaching them increases. This web site will show you some of what God has done for our people through the facilitating ministry of MOMUSA. As we move forward, we want to have a more clear vision and understanding of our place in His plans. If you feel His leading, please pray for us. If you’d like to assist in other ways, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. Send your inquiry to